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Chubby Cheeks reviews Fundamentals & Come Dance With Us | July 2010

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I am all about finding new ways to teach Riley and Emma! I have been looking for a few learning DVDs so that when I need to get cleaning done, I can have something educational for them to watch. A little while ago we received The First Wave: Fundamentals and Come Dance With Us. I knew that Riley would immediately love the "Come Dance With Us" CD because he loves any and all music, but I knew that the "Fundamentals" DVD might be a little tricky since he is hard to captivate when it comes to TV.

Obviously he danced his little booty off to all the super fun music on the "Come Dance With Us" CD! He loves the "There's A Little Monkey" song! He replays it over and over again! We have to always have the CD in our car in case of whining emergencies! Not only is the music on the CD funny and catchy, but it is also educational! It teaches about time, geography, and other subjects through the fun songs. You will actually catch yourself singing along to them after a while.

The "Fundamentals" DVD is Riley's favorite! This is the first in the DVD series and is targeted towards ages 6 months to 4 years. I think that the age range is great because you are only paying $14.95 for a dvd that your child will watch for over 4 years. "Fundamentals" helps children adjust to the world around them. Melissa is the narrator throughout the video. She goes through many topics like letters, numbers, quantity, colors, the body, music and so much more.

When we first watched "Fundamentals", I was a little concerned that maybe it was a too fast paced for Riley. Melissa speaks clearly and at a regular paced speed as not to talk down to children so there isn't any "baby talk" which I am used to in many shows for Riley's age category. So this was a little different. It is also repetitive, which at first I thought would make it one of those dvds you watch once and put away because it might be a little too much. I tried to do exactly that, but then Riley cried for the "stars", which are seen a lot throughout the video. When your child cries, sometimes you just have to give in! I could either deal with a whining child or a repetitive video. I chose the video!

Now, for the first week or so I just let Riley watch it because he always wanted to have it on. Then, over time Kyle and I both got used to it and started watching it with him and participating. It is one of those shows that just grows on you. I started to see Riley learning little by little. I then understood why the repetitiveness helped. We probably watch "stars" about 3 times a day at the request of Riley. Sometimes I will watch it with him and sometimes I use it so I can get stuff done around the house. Either way I have come to love "Fundamentals" and know that when Riley is watching it, he is learning! I even catch Emma watching it and smiling occasionally!

I would definitely recommend "Fundamentals" and "Come Dance With Us"! I think they are educational and fun and are great interactive learning tools for your children! They both can be purchased on Amazon along with "Fundamentals: Think", the second DVD in the series!