News | The First Wave, LLC, an infant development media company, releases The Groovy Letter Book...

The First Wave, LLC, an infant development media company, releases The Groovy Letter Book, an introduction to reading and writing (CD included) targeted at 1 to 5 year olds

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NEW YORK, Thursday, January 6, 2011 -- The First Wave, LLC

The First Wave, LLC announces the release of The Groovy Letter Book, its first book in a series of early reading books, focusing on letters, their phonetic sounds for reading, and letter parts for writing. Reading is introduced by showing the letters and their phonetic sounds, the building blocks for words. In this book, letters are associated with pictures that look like them. This makes the letter fun and easy to remember.

"Learning the sounds of letters is a critical step to reading. We use the lowercase letters, which are more commonly found in words. We link each letter with an object that looks like it and whose name starts with that letter. For example, 'a' is linked with 'an apple'. By helping a child form a visual link with that letter, it makes it easier for the child to remember its phonetic sound, and how to write that letter," says co- founder Melissa Neumann. "We hope The Groovy Letter Book will be a foundation for many children's introduction into the wonderful world of reading."

The book is designed to be interactive. There are suggested activities for reading and writing included. Children are asked to say the letters' phonetic sound, and trace their little fingers along the letter, as if they were writing. Letters are cleverly broken down into 9 components in order to help children better remember letters and develop fine motor skills.

The First Wave, LLC uses music as an important teaching tool, and includes in the book a music CD, with two songs, one to introduce letters and their phonetic sounds and one to teach vowels. These songs can also be found on the award-winning CD Come Dance With Us. All the music was written and composed by co-founder Dolores Ormandy Neumann, the niece of Eugene Ormandy, the world-famous former conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. "Children can learn and remember concepts easily when they are set to music. I am thrilled to be able to include songs to help children learn letter sounds and vowels. I think many young children will enjoy listening, learning and dancing to the music," says co- founder Dolores Ormandy Neumann.

The First Wave, LLC is a leading children's educational media company dedicated to inspiring a child's life-long love of learning. The Company was founded by a mother-daughter team, Melissa and Dolores Neumann. The First Wave, LLC has released two award-winning videos for very young children and their siblings, Fundamentals and Fundamentals: Think.

In Fundamentals: Think, there are two different sections relating to The Groovy Letter Book. One section shows the letter parts and how each lowercase letter is formed from the 9 components. This is the precursor to writing and understanding how letters are formed. Another section of the video shows the letter and an associated image that looks like that letter and whose name begins with that letter. This is the precursor to learning and remembering the phonetic sound of each letter.

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