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Baby Raves: The First Wave Fundamentals DVD | March 2010
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As many of you know, Carrot Top has a significant speech delay so I am always on the look out for products that will encourage him to communicate more. I look for products that are age appropriate for him not just his speech level. I feel so blessed to have come across The First Wave company which produces the amazing DVD Fundamentals! He is not only glued to the screen but he is actually trying to repeat Melissa, the narrator of the show.

Melissa Neumann is the co founder of The First wave, and believes "........that a young child has a tremendous ability to comprehend and process information.” It presents concepts to young children with clarity and simplicity. Music is used in the videos to help children learn and remember. Ms. Neumann's daughter at 15-month old spoke over 200 words including 'door', 'roll', and 'purple'. All of these concepts were introduced to her daughter through Fundamentals, the first video produced by The First Wave, LLC."

Having three children I have watched my share of baby DVD's and found that their shows were just too slow paced to retain their attention. I really LOVE that Fundamentals moves quickly, and felt that because the topics are repeated in many different ways the information was likely being retained. This DVD is labeled for children up to 4 yrs old, and despite my initial apprehension I found that it equally held the attention of both my 7 mth old, 2 yr old, and 4 yr old. Since it included phonics, Fast Eddy did not think it was "just for babies" and agreed to take part in the viewing of the DVD. He was pleasantly surprised, as was I.

This DVD includes letters, numbers, quantity, colors, body parts, opposites, verbs, music and much more. You can view a sneak peek here! I appreciate the simplicity of the teachings, and that it allows them to just focus on that particular topic. The narrator Melissa, can be found in the upper left hand corner throughout the movie pronouncing each word. This is an AMAZING feature especially for children like Carrot Top, who need to see how the mouth works when speaking. I feel that this feature would help babies develop good communication skills early on. What I love most is that it is time for me and the kids to connect on their level in a fun and entertaining way! The First Wave also has some other great products such as Fundamentals 2 and a music CD Come Dance with Me!

Melissa Brouillette