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Come Dance With Us CD (for kids) GREAT LEARNING TOOL! | March 2010
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Come Dance With Us is a funny, enjoyable CD with catchy songs. It contains original lyrics and music, composed by co-Founder Dolores Ormandy Neumann, niece of Eugene Ormandy, the world-famous former conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. The CD teaches young children about time, geography, phonetics, arithmetic, and many more subjects through music.

Come Dance With Us is a story about a brother and a sister who live on a farm. They attend school, where many subjects are expressed musically. It is the last day of school before vacation and the children take a journey with their parents and grandparents to their Aunt, Uncle, and cousin’s home. Many charming songs are heard as they holiday with their family.

When I put this CD in our CD player my 2 boys and I danced around our livingroom. They really enjoyed the catchy tunes! When the CD was over my 2 year old asked me to play it again! As a homeschool mom I fell in love with this CD. I have never heard a CD that is so educational! (North America teaches the continents), then (The Letters) teaches the ABC's, (Vowels) well teaches the vowels. Most children love music including mine and this is a fun, creative way to learn! This CD has such a great variety of songs that teach. Listening to this great music and remembering the lyrics, my children will not even know that they are learning! I especially love the idea of them learning from this CD in the car when we are traveling to homeschool activities!

What I also like about this CD is that it is wholesome, no bad language or rudeness. Come Dance With Us has won several awards including the Dove Award!

I recommend this CD to every homeschool mom and educator to incorporate in their learning. You can purchase Come Dance With Us on for $12.99! What a steal for such an amazing CD!

Nicole Lutzy