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Press Release Source: The First Wave, LLC The First Wave, LLC, an infant development media company, releases Fundamentals, the first in a series of comprehensive, educational videos

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The First Wave, LLC announces the release of Fundamentals, the first video of a new series of videos for babies and young children, produced by The First Wave, LLC. Fundamentals combines 'fun' and 'mental', making learning fun. The First Wave, LLC was founded by a mother-daughter team to inspire a love of learning early on. We encourage the mother or guardian to watch and discuss this video with his or her child.

Fundamentals is comprehensive and presents age-appropriate concepts with elegant clarity and simplicity. The video provides basic tools for the child to make sense of her new world. Its contents include: letters, numbers, quantity, colors, the body, opposites, verbs, prepositions, music and much more. Animals, household items, and objects found outdoors are also introduced to help the child to relate to her immediate environment.

Each segment is presented with original music, composed by co-founder Dolores Ormandy Neumann, the niece of Eugene Ormandy. Unique and inventive characters, called the Starlets, are introduced. They embody educational properties such as color, as in lively little Red Star and friendly little Orange Star, which children can relate to inherently and instinctively as they embrace the characters as personal friends.

"Babies have a tremendous ability to comprehend and process information when it is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. My 15-month old daughter speaks over 200 words including 'door', 'roll', and 'purple', words introduced in the video ," says co-founder Melissa Neumann.

Fundamentals holds the child's attention. It intentionally keeps a fast pace by continually introducing new concepts. The music is also varied to maintain a child's interest. "[Fundamentals] is by far the most comprehensive educational video available to babies & toddlers. Both my three-and-a-half-year old and two-year old enjoy watching it. Their eyes are glued to the screen!" says a mother of two from Connecticut.

Fundamentals has a unique format in which co-founder Ms. Neumann appears on screen, clearly forming words that are directly linked to objects and actions. "We highly encourage mothers to repeat activities presented in the video one-on-one with their child and continually interact and speak with their child," says Ms. Neumann.

This video can benefit many young babies and children. For more information about this video, please contact us by email at: or by mail at:
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