News | Press Release : Fundamentals 2

Press Release Source: The First Wave, LLC
The First Wave, LLC, an infant development media company, releases Fundamentals 2, the second in a series of comprehensive, educational videos

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NEW YORK, Thursday, September 7, 2006 -- The First Wave, LLC

The First Wave, LLC announces the release of Fundamentals 2, the second level of its educational video series for young children, produced by The First Wave, LLC.

Co-founder Melissa Neumann says, "Many mothers wrote to our company describing how Fundamentals helped their children to speak clearly. We are delighted to release Fundamentals 2, which builds upon many concepts introduced in Fundamentals and adds additional subjects for higher order thinking."

Fundamentals 2 includes writing, reading, number 1-20, arithmetic, categorization, analogies, emotions, and much more. For language, Fundamentals 2 introduces letters, and letter components for writing, and then builds up to reading words and simple sentences. For math, the video introduces numbers, and then builds up to solving simple equations.

The video shows realistic and animated segments, which are coordinated with original music and lyrics, composed by co-founder Dolores Ormandy Neumann, the niece of Eugene Ormandy. Educators have discovered that children can learn and remember concepts particularly when these concepts are set to music and rhythm. Words are carefully pronounced by on-screen narrator and co-founder Melissa Neumann to help children enunciate better. The lively, musical pace of these videos is engaging and allows the videos to be repeated and remembered.

"This educationally creative program offers a wealth of reading readiness and early math skills," says Ronnelle Blankenship, former principal of Birchwood Elementary School in Tennessee. When commenting on the writing section, she adds, "The introduction of the strokes needed to form letters provides an excellent foundation for writing; combining it with the differentiated colors as the letters are formed is an outstanding application of brain-research-based strategies to form strong learning connections in young children."

This video is targeted to 1-4 year olds. The First Wave, LLC was founded by a mother-daughter team to inspire a love of learning early on. Each video contains ideas that a parent can use in a one-on-one basis with a child.

For more information about this video, please contact us by email at: or by mail at: PO Box 1038, New York, NY 10024.