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Potato Makes Three reviews Fundamentals DVD | Sep 2010

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I was contacted by First Wave to do a giveaway of one of their hit dvds,"Fundamentals." As soon as I turned the dvd on and pushed play Potato was hypnotized by the narrator. She is a mother herself and she speaks in a very sweet tone that just drew his attention.

The Fundamentals dvd goes over Letters, Numbers 1-12, Shapes, Colors, The Body, Opposites, Verbs, Prepositions, Music, and so much more. I was very happy when I realized that the "mother" was very well spoken and used no slang. Hard to find these days!

The First Wave, LLC was created by a mother and daughter to get our children interested in learning, creativity, and discovering. They encourage the parents or guardians to repeat the activities with their little ones as well.

I didn't think that Potato was catching on then one day while we were driving to my parents he was able to recognize an animal he had seen from the dvd. It was a HORHE! I slammed the breaks freaking out because I had never heard him say the word much less be able to recognize the animal. I was full of joy and it got better when DH tried to correct him saying "No Potato it's a HORSEY!" Well lets just say that our soon to be 23 month old looked his daddy in the eye and said "No, it's a HORHE, DADDY!" Yet again I about lost it while driving.

It's moments like this when you realize that your children are watching and listening to everything. You may think that you are putting the dvd in as a distraction, but it is much more!

Please go and visit their website to see their other products.