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Fundamentals is the first video in its series. The video provides basic tools for a child to make sense of her new world. Its contents include: letters, numbers, quantity, colors, the body, opposites, verbs, prepositions, music and much more. Animals, household items, and objects found outdoors are also introduced to help the child relate to her immediate environment.

In reading, Fundamentals introduces letter names and phonetics (the building blocks of speech), and builds to simple words. In math, Fundamentals Volume 1 explores numbers and counting, and shapes. Parts of the body are named and counted; animals and plants are also counted. The video teaches trapezoids and other shapes, which are included in many baby puzzles on the market. The video shows the 3-dimensional versions of many shapes, such as the cube (for the square), and the sphere (for the circle). Young children are very interested in the movements of these shapes, which are also highlighted in this video. At the beginning of the video, a flashlight helps an infant to see "up and down", "diagonal", "smaller and bigger", etc. There is a little section on opposites, such as taller and shorter.

We encourage guardians to perform the activities shown in the video with their children. When reinforced in a one-on-one manner, the concepts will empower the child with useful information and tools to be used for daily and future references.

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