Educationally creative program

This educationally creative program offers a wealth of reading readiness and early math skills. Introducing the strokes needed to form letters is a good idea and using differentiated colors to reinforce the auditory cues as the letters are formed is an outstanding idea. (about Fundamentals 2)

- Ronnelle Blankenship, Principal of Westview Elementary School, TN

Fantastic and entrancing educational video

This video was fantastic. My son who is 3 1/2 years old loves it and has learned so much information from it. The sophisticated use of vocabulary is brilliant. I am so happy to find something out there that gives a toddler and infant the credit for being able to understand and express themselves in an elegant and ambitious way. It is wonderous when a child discovers a whole new language.

This video was especially good for my son who had some hearing issues and the woman speaking and enunciating in the corner (Melissa) was invaluable to him and to his understanding of the material. Children have different learing styles and respond to a variety of techniques, I believe that this video catered perfectly to both the oral and visual approaches in learning.

My child asks for me to play it again and again. Thank you so much for creating an insightful, creative, stimulating and fun video for him to watch.

- NY, NYC Mother

Impressive DVD for Toddlers/Preschoolers

I bought this DVD for my 2 and 3 year old boys and was very impressed. It's not flashy and polished, but it effectively teaches the basics (shapes, colors, large and small, letters etc.) My boys were not only watching, but also interacting. We just received it today and I'm looking forward to playing it for them once a day.

- Picky mom, Indiana

The BEST Educational Video I have seen for Babies & Toddlers

Baby's First (i.e. Fundamentals) from The First Wave series is by far the most comprehensive educational video available to babies & toddlers! Both my three-and-a-half-year old and two-year old enjoy watching it. Their eyes are glued to the screen! They especially love the STAR characters and laugh and dance when the stars dance to the music!

My son enjoyed watching a little boy [Miles] and my two year old daughter enjoyed watching the baby [Lita] - she smiled every time Lita came on screen!

What I like about the video is the way it covers great information not regularly seen on other baby videos. I like how it covered body parts; I have not seen that in other videos and directions (right, left, diagonal, horizontal, etc). The phonics section is terrific, I can see how it is already helping my two-year old to form and speak words correctly and will help lay the foundation for my three-and-a-half-year old to learn to read. I especially like the idea of having the box with Melissa Neumann as the teacher on the screen throughout the entire video speaking to the audience. It gives a personal instructional style to this video that I have not seen in others and my children seem to respond well to it.

I'm very impressed! This is a great product, I highly recommend it! A+!

- Mother of two under four-years old, Wilton, CT


As a mother of a 13-month-old, I have watched many baby videos and Fundamentals is the best on the market. My son is mesmerized by all the colors, shapes and sounds on the video. I think that watching the video has expedited his talking and helped him identify objects. I am excited for more videos to come out by the producers. They know what babies want and need. I would highly recommend Fundamentals.

New York, NY mom

A helpful tool for speech and a fun way to learn

I credit Fundamentals for helping my daughter's speech problem. She was almost 2 years old and she did not talk that much. Thanks to the video, which she liked since the first time she watched it, her ability to talk increased very quickly. She started to say more words and also to recognize shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

Since I found the video very helpful, I gave one to my sister as a gift for my nephew. She first showed it to him when he was 1 1/2 months. He loved it. At first he watched for five minutes at a time. She played the video for him every day, and three months later he could watch it all. This is the only video that he can watch from start to finish without getting tired, and it is her son's favorite video. My nephew also likes the narrator, smiles at her, and tries to talk to her and repeat what she says. My sister said it is really helpful for her too, because while he watches the video she is able to cook and take a shower.

Mother of 3 and 5 year old

Love to Learn

My one-year old was entranced by this educational video with captivating music. I was amazed it inspired my infant to speak. The video taught her colors, parts of her body, letters, and speech. Now, when I ask her to point to "blue" versus "red", she always gets it right. This video is perfect for the busy mom who wants to ensure her baby is exposed to many subjects and educated.

San Francisco, CA mom

A wonderful way to learn through entertainment

I watched this DVD with my two sons, ages 4 years and 6 mos. My younger son was entertained by the Starlets and I even caught him laughing when something on the screen delighted him. My 4-year-old son was equally entranced with the DVD and watched it 3x in one sitting. He is working at preschool on putting concepts together (two red cars, three blue carts, etc.) and having that reiterated was very interesting to him.

I think that this is a terrific DVD for kiddos to learn in so many ways. The sing-song repetition and the friendly narrator are inviting as well so the kids stick with it and inevitably learn through this unique method. I highly recommend this DVD to help children understand more about this wonderful world of ours.

- Denver, CO mom


The First Wave Fundamentals DVD is an exceptional educational video for babies. In fact, my 8-month-old son loves watching this DVD. As the title of the DVD punningly suggests, the style and content of the video make the learning process both fun and enjoyable for the baby. For example, essential subjects such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors are presented in not only a visually stimulating manner, but usefully and informatively, as well. The video also covers information such as parts of the body, and has an excellent section on phonics that encourages babies to learn how to speak and pronounce letters. What is particularly appealing about the DVD is that it doesn't underestimate the ability and capacity of a baby to learn and retain information from a very early age.

- New York, NY mom